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Has Your Dog Gotten a Diagnosis of Canine Hip Dysplasia?

My Labrador Retriever was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 7 months old.  After we got over the heartbreak  of the diagnosis, we  talked to the vets and the surgeons, and they did a really great job of explaining the surgery to us.   The information that I couldn't find was "What should I expect when I brought my dog home?"   They did not have that information. 

That is the information I really wanted.  What was recovery really going to be like?  Could I delay or avoid surgery?  That was the information that was not available.....until now. 

Forty other dog owners who have or had dogs with hip dysplasia shared their story to help me put this together to help other dog owners.  If you have a chihuahua, this information is not going to help you.  If you have a medium or  large dog, you will find this information invaluable.  

Unfortunately, websites cost money to maintain, so the information is not free.  I believe that you will find this information well worth the expense of the e-book (or book, if you prefer). This is exactly what everyone who told their story wished was available to them when they faced hip dysplasia. It wasn't available for us, but it is for you.    I guarantee that this will meet or exceed your expectations with a 30 day money back guarantee.  

Sally Doyle

Are You Now Looking for Options?  Have You Scheduled Surgery?  What Should You Expect?

ebook cover

  • Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO)

  • Total Hip Replacement (THR)

  • Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO)

  • Nutritional Support (Conservative Management)

Hear directly from other dog owners who have walked in your shoes.......
  • What is the breed & size of  their dog?
  • How old was their dog?
  • What symptoms did their dog have?
  • What treatment option did they chose for their dog ?
  • What was recovery like?  What did they wish they had known before the surgery?
  • What Ideas and Tips do they have to help you during recovery?
  • Were there complications?
  • If faced with the same choice today, would they make the same decision?

Comments from other who have read it...

I bought your book a few months back and it saved my life....it helped me dramatically, to make a decision, along with my ortho vet, regarding surgery for my dog.-TF

The book exceeded my expectations.  Your book came to me when I needed 'real life' examples of people and their pets that went through the same decisions and post surgery details with which we are faced.  This advice is well worth the purchase price along with the reassurance that we were not the only ones faced with this decision. -LW

My dog visited the Orthopedist today who confirmed that he has HD.  She was impressed that I knew all about his options and what to expect.  I have learned so much from the testimonials in your book.  It is one thing to read the clinical information, but so much more helpful to read about the experiences of people who have gone through this with their dog. -LM

It truly helped to have the book as a reference as to what others went through - what worked for them/what didn't work for them.  I can't tell you how many times I've quoted from that book! It's one thing to hear things from a professional but then it's another to read what others have actually gone through.  I even used things I learned in the book to question the doctor - so you see, it was definitely worth the cost! -SM

Thanks for your publication about Hip Dysplasia.  This is such a terrifying experience. I am glad I purchased your publication.  I read the stories several times before surgery and just re-read the FHO surgeries again to see how my dog compares with the other FHO patients. -KM

Your book has been very helpful!  I've already recommended it to several rescue organizations to keep on hand. -MP

Absolutely a great book.  I think it's going to help many pet owners. -KB

I wanted to thank you again as your book certainly triggered the whole process!  After reading your book, we decided to go ahead. - CB, Venice, Italy

You are a great friend of dogs everywhere..... -SF

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I have learned so much reading other people's stories..... -EW

Thank you for your book which I know will definitely help us when we meet with the specialist and also prepare us mentally for what we will be facing. -CC

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Can you get this information somewhere else on the web for less?  Maybe, if you're willing to spend hundreds of hours looking for it, but even after you've done that, I still don't think so.  These are complete stories from diagnosis....through recovery!  Exactly what the dog owners who share their stories wish they had known!!

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Are You Still Not Sure??
The following links are excerpts from the book:

Table of Contents to "Dog Owners Speak Out on Hip Dysplasia"
Symptoms of Canine Hip Dysplasia
Treatments for Canine Hip Dysplasia

If you and your dog are facing canine hip dyplasia, this is an absolute must read.  Forty dog owners share their story with you!

Excerpts from the book...

The surgeon had told me that she would be sedated for just about the whole duration of recovery.  I was expecting a sedated dog, but instead, she was quite active....

I  felt guilty about what I had done to him, he looked pathetic, helpless, confused and scared........the recovery was tougher than the surgery.....

I had another dog who was about three years old at the time of the surgery......I was concerned that she might unintentionally hurt him by trying to play with him......so,........

Walking him out to the car, I remember thinking how were we going to get through this?

After 3 weeks of recovery, he seemed normal again and fooled us into thinking that he was back to normal, which we now know was far from the truth........

My patient does not think he's a patient.  He is wild and this is only the fourth day after surgery.

He could not get comfortable, whined, hooked the e-collar on the door handle and opened the door!  Looking back, I would have had a big.....

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